d-Color MF759plus

d-Color MF759plus

The d-Color MF759plus is equipped with a large 10.1-inch adjustable colour multitouch operation panel, which, thanks to its smartphone-like user experience, allows the operator to quickly and easily set the desired parameters. The d-Color MF759plus ensures top-of-therange performance in terms of document quality, print speed and compliance with the latest environmental regulations. The 6,650-sheet input paper capacity (with optional accessories) plus the powerful Quad Core CPU and 8 GB RAM memory allow the d-Color MF759plus to tackle even large workloads easily, making this device a small printing centre. The wireless option makes it possible to print documents from mobile devices. The d-Color MF759plus lets you install applications directly on the device, increasing functionality, such as connection to the Cloud. In order to manage connections in the best possible way, with total security against unwanted access, the d-Color MF759plus has multiple configuration parameters to guarantee data confidentiality. If these do not provide enough security, Bitdefender® antivirus software can be installed as an option to ensure maximum protection from external threats.




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