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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe how this Website is managed, with respect to the use of cookies and other tracking tools (hereinafter all referred to for simplicity as "cookies") and the processing of personal data of users/visitors who consult it.

This policy statement is provided, pursuant to Regulation 2016/679/EU (General Data Protection Regulation - hereinafter GDPR), article 122 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree 196/03, the so-called Privacy Code) and the General Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8 May 2014 on cookies, as supplemented by the Guidelines of the Privacy Guarantor of 10 June 2021 on cookies and other tracking tools, to those who connect to the Olivetti SPA website

The declaration applies exclusively to the above-mentioned site ("Site" or “this Site” hereafter) and any associated sub-domain, not covering any other websites the user may visit following links provided.

The site indicated above is owned and managed by Olivetti SPA. Olivetti assures compliancy with the legislation on the subject of personal information protection, coherently with the provisions of the Telecom Italia Group Ethical Code. Users/visitors are invited to read this Privacy Policy with great attention before forwarding any type of personal information and/or filling in electronic forms present on said site.


Data processing purpose and type

1. Browsing data

The IT systems and software procedures used for running this Site, during the normal course of operation, acquire certain types of personal data that are transmitted as an inherent part of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected deliberately for association with identifiable subjects however, due to its intrinsic nature, when combined with the data of third-party entities, it could allow users/visitors to be identified (e.g. through IP address, domain names of computers used by Users to connect to site, code indicating server data reply status, browser type, beginning and end navigation session time stamp, account id and activities carried out in the Site if available, etc.).

These types of data are collected only for the purpose of generating statistical information (in anonymous form, therefore), and to ensure that the Site is operating correctly. Data relating to web contacts is not stored for more than six months, unless a need arises to investigate computer crime involving the site. No data originating from the web service will be further communicated or publicized.


2. Cookies

2.1 General information on cookies

Cookies are small text files sent by Internet sites to the device of users visiting their sites (normally to the browser). They are stored here for retransmission to the same sites whenever the site is revisited from the same device. Sites can also consent to the transmission of third-party cookies, that is, those generated by Internet sites different to the site the user is actually visiting (by means of objects present on the page such as banners, images, maps, sounds, ad-hoc links to web pages in other domains).

Depending on their duration, two types of cookies can be distinguished: session cookies (that is, temporary cookies that are deleted automatically from the device at the end of a browsing session on browser closure) and persistent cookies (those that remain stored on the device until their expiry date or deletion by the user).

Cookies serve different purposes, primarily the transmission of communications and provision of user-requested services. More specifically, they enable Internet site functionality and optimisation, permit computerised authentication procedures with abuse prevention, also session monitoring and improvement of user browsing experience. In the latter case, for example, they allow connection to Reserved Areas to remain active when browsing other pages on the website - so eliminating the need to re-enter User-Id and Password – together with storage of user-specific information (such as preferences, browser type and computer used).

The above-mentioned cookies are referred to as "technical cookies" (user consent is not required for their use) given that, without them, some of the declared operations could not be executed or would become more complex and/or less safe. On the other hand, if cookies are used for other purposes, such as behaviour analysis in order to send personalised promo/advertising messages (a.k.a. profiling cookies) or, using the third-party services, to obtain aggregated information on user numbers and site visit behaviour patterns (a.k.a. "analytics cookies"), then user consent is necessary. In fact, before sending these types of cookie to the device, pursuant to currently applicable legislation (Privacy Code and General Provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 8th May 2014), when the Home page or other website page is first accessed, a banner opens in the foreground briefly notifying of the use of cookies and the need for the user to give their consent. This can be provided by the user either continuing to browse by selecting an element underneath the banner or by closing the banner altogether.

In any case, cookies can be read and modified exclusively by the Internet site that has generated them; they cannot be used to call up any kind of data from the user’s device nor can they transmit computer viruses. Given that cookie-type functions can also be performed by other kinds of technology, within the context of this web privacy policy declaration, the term "cookie" is used to refer to cookies and all similar technologies.

2.2 Use of cookies by this Site

This Site uses both session cookies and persistent cookies. The types of cookies generated directly by this Site are:

"technical" cookies used for: a) executing purchase orders for online services/products (shopping trolley management, saving of products selected) and associated payment operations; b) browsing session authentication and management (for example, identifying and validating user for access to Reserved Area); c) safety purposes (e.g. to keep track of number of failed logins identifying possible authentication abuse and fraud prevention); d) user interface customisation (e.g. recording preferences expressed by the user such as language, currency, page display format, connection area); e) improving usability of site and audio-visual contents (e.g. executing flash player-type programs); f) connection correct operation (e.g. directing user requests between multiple servers in most rational way).


2.3 Third-party cookies

This Site equally allows transmission to the user device of third party cookies generated by partners with which Olivetti SPA collaborates. In this case Olivetti SPA acts as technical intermediary, limiting itself to just forwarding these cookies without involvement in their functional aspects (having no access to the information supplied/acquired and therefore no control over it). The functional aspects remain the responsibility of the related third party whose policy declarations relating to these cookies and the forms for acquiring user consent can be accessed by clicking on the links below. The third parties are:

  • Subjects whose services Olivetti exploits for collecting aggregate / statistical information on users visiting the Site.
    Services used are:


Privacy Policy Link

Google Analytics


  • Social Network Cookies

These are used for content sharing on social networks. These services allow interaction with social networks or other external platforms directly from pages of the Site. Interactions and information acquired by the Site are subject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network. When a service enabling interaction with social networks is installed, it may collect traffic data for the pages where it is installed, even when the user is not using the service.


Privacy Policy Links


Google Plus




2.4 ​Cookie Analytics

OLIVETTI S.p.A. uses web measurement services to collect aggregate / statistical information on the number of users and on how they visit this Site.

Specifically, the Google Analytics service provided by the Google company is used, configured in such a way that these analytics cookies are equated to technical cookies, in accordance with the Guidelines of 10 June 2021 of the Privacy Guarantor.


2.5 ​Management of cookie choices

The semantic coding criteria and the retention times provided for each cookie are:

Cookie name Typology Functionality  Conservation times 
 _GA  Technical cookie   (Google Analytics) - Used by Google Analytics to generate anonymous statistical data on how the visitor uses the website  2 Years
 _GID  Technical cookie  (Google Analytics) - Used by Google Analytics to generate anonymous statistical data on how the visitor uses the website  2 Years
 _GAT  Technical cookie  (Google Analytics) - Used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google Analytics on websites with high traffic volumes  10 Minutes
 SSESSxxxxxxxxx   Technical cookie  Identification of the Drupal Session in the Browser-Server communication  Session


2.6 ​Cookie option management

Cookies can be managed by the user from their own browser.

A) Browser settings

The user can manage their own preference settings for cookies using the functionalities in commonly-used browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari), which allow cookies to be deleted (some or all) and browser settings to be changed, in order to block any cookie from being sent or limiting it to specific sites only (excluding others). For details of the ways to configure browser settings (normally accessible via the “Tool” bar), go to the "Support" webpages of the browser supplier (locatable also using a normal search engine).

Disabling cookies does not, per se, impede use of services on the internet Site; however, if all cookies are deleted/blocked, including cookies with a technical function, it may not be possible to perform certain operations, or their use would become more complicated and/or less safe. An example is activities within the Reserved Areas of the Site (cookies, in fact, enable user identification and conservation within the context of a single session).

3. Data supplied voluntarily by users

When users, connecting to this site, send their own personal information in order to access certain services and send requests via email, this results in Olivetti SPA acquiring the sender’s address and/or other personal information that will be used exclusively to respond to the user’s request, that is, for providing the associated service.

The personal information supplied by users will be communicated to third-parties only when its communication is necessary to meet the request of said users.


4. How data is used

Data is processed using automated means (for example, electronic technology and procedures) and/or manually (for example, hard copies) for the time strictly necessary to meet the objectives for which it has been collected and complying with current legislation regarding the subject.


5. Optionally provided data

Apart from what has been previously specified for browsing data, users are free to provide their own personal information. The only possible outcome of a user not providing said information is the impossibility of their request being met.


6. Data Controller, Data Protection Officer and person’s categories authorised to process data in Olivetti

The Data Controller is Olivetti S.p.A. – with HQ at address Strada Monte Navale 2/C - 10015 Ivrea (TO).

Olivetti and Olivetti Subsidiaries Data Officer is Telecom Italia’s Data Protection Officer, resident in via Gaetano Negri, n. 1 - 20123 Milano, reachable via email at the following address

Data of Users/visitors of this Site will be processed by employees of the Departments who manage this Site, by Security Department and other technical/operational Departments. These employees have been authorised to process personale data and have, for thi, received appropriate training.


7. Rights of data subjects

Users have the right, at any time, to access their own personal data, and exercise other specific rights by writing to Rights include: to know the source of the data; request that incomplete/inexact data be corrected, updated or integrated with further details; request that unlawfully possessed data be deleted or its unlawful use blocked; oppose use of data even if used for legitimate reasons.


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