The TIM Group company specialised in IoT,
    operating within TIM Enterprise offers,
    in addition to leadership in the retail and office segments,
    consolidated experience in the Internet of Things and Big Data

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IoT Solutions for the Green Deal

In the context of green energy, many European leading energy suppliers have expressed the need to enable this process with innovative solutions. The data collected is transferred to a central server that executes special load disaggregation algorithms, analyzes data to identify consumption for the single device used at home and provides customized reports.

Big Data

Increase business, mitigate risk and drive innovation through the combined power of data science and business analytics.

Retail and Payment

Retail Payments evolve towards innovative payment instruments, alternative to cash. The cash registers of the stores - or rather the Telematic Registers - in turn become increasingly Smart, integrating new functions. better and faster operation. Retail Payment instruments and Telematic Registers are progressively converging, communicating with each other to offer the merchant a better and faster operation.

A TIM Enterprise Brand

Olivetti is the TIM Group company specialised in IoT, operating within TIM Enterprise and active on the markets as a renewed and evolving company.