IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Olivetti is the TIM Group company specialised in IoT, operating within TIM Enterprise and active on the domestic and international markets as a renewed and evolving company.

The Internet of Things represents the starting point of digital evolution; the ability to effectively manage the dialogue between different sensors, together with the collection of the data they produce, are the basis of solutions designed to accompany and guide the digital transformation and innovation of the verticals for which they were created.

TIM Enterprise, through solutions powered by Olivetti, provides customers with a series of solutions dedicated to the areas of Smart City, Industry 4.0 and Smart Agriculture.



TIM Urban Genius is the TIM platform that uses the most innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, for a holistic approach to analysing and supporting the management of complex systems such as cities. Data plus technology create information value — knowledge of the area, service planning, and cost optimisation to improve the well-being of citizens and businesses and support growth and sustainable development.