About Olivetti Warranty

Olivetti S.p.A. has always been particularly sensitive to the quality of its products distributed and is firmly convinced of the importance of satisfying its customers, delivering an as high as possible quality of service and assistance.

Warranty conditions and related terms

The duration of the warranty complies with current regulations. The purchase date of the product, proven by the related document, is the element that activates the customer support procedure.
It should be remembered that the warranty cannot be applied in the absence of an official purchase document.
The warranty covers free repair of replacement of equipment components that prove to be faulty at source.
The warranty does not cover software programs or accessories that may be furnished with the appliance.
The warranty is forfeited in the case of detects caused by:

  • Incorrect power supply, installation or incorrect or improper use or use not complying with the indications of the user manual.
  • Replacement of components and accessories or incorrect or improper use or use not complying with the indications of the user manual.
  • Replacement of original components and accessories with others of a type not approved by the manufacturer or carried out by unauthorized persons.
  • Use of non-original Olivetti software or accessories.
  • Transportation without using the means indicated by the supplier or without suitable packaging.
  • Natural events or malicious and/or negligent actions of any type.
  • Replacement of the power cable and/or plug.
  • Used or empty printheads are not covered by the warranty.

To avoid damage during transportation, the appliance must be dispatched in its original packaging.
If one or more repairs are carried out during the warranty period, the expiry date of the warranty is not modified.
Parts replaced under warranty are covered for a period of 3 months from the date on which they were replaced.
Olivetti S.p.A. declines any responsibility for direct or indirect injuries/damage caused to persons/things by faults in the appliance deriving from improper use.


Technical support numbers

Olivetti provides its customers with a set of technical support numbers dedicated to customer assistance from which trained, helpful operators reply, providing technical support and help for installations. If the product is faulty, they will provide the user with all the information necessary to have it repaired/replaced under warranty.