d-Copia 7002MF - 8002MF

d-Copia 7002MF - 8002MF

The countless features offered by the d-Copia 7002MF and d-Copia 8002MF enable exceptional productivity and efficiency in high workload environments.

The generous 10.1” tiltable operator panel makes any print task quick and simple with its intuitive and easy to use touch screen.

Offices and companies are no longer restricted by the physical space they occupy because these models support mobile document management and the printing of documents from the cloud, through wireless connectivity options and the ability of users to directly install applications, to the d-Copia 7002MF and d-Copia 8002MF, which offices can use to meet these requirements.

However, while the cloud and WiFi are widely accepted as potential entry points for cyber attacks, these highly sophisticated Olivetti monochrome multifunctional printers able to filter the IP addresses of connected devices and encrypt data with the help of a standard Data Security Kit.

The d-Copia 7002MF and d-Copia 8002MF print at speeds of up to 70 and 80 pages per minute, respectively, scan at up to 220 pages per minute and provide a very high print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi which all contribute, significantly, towards reducing the print and scan times required for effectively managing company document flows and maintaining exceptional print and copy quality.



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