Logos 804T

Logos 804T

The Logos 804T is the Olivetti printing calculator designed for intensive use, featuring a fast thermal printer which guarantees clear printing along with a reduced noise levels.

  • 14-digit back-lit LCD display
  • fast, silent thermal printer
  • advanced calculation function

for Brazil market only


  • 10-lps printing speed 
  • calculation of percentage and variance, tax rates, currency conversion 
  • advanced functions: cost, sell, margin and Call-and-Void to display and correct the data entered.

Both its ergonomic keyboard and back-lit display, with extra-large characters, guarantee a high operating comfort. 




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Display 14-digit backlit 2-colour LCD display
Printer Fast thermal printer (10 line/sec.)
Functions 4 basic operations
Grand Total
Variance (% delta)
Call and Void
Tax calculation
Square root
Cost, Sell, Margin
Currency conversion
Selectors No print/print
Item counter
Acc.: Yes/no
Decimal places: A, 0, 2, 3, 4, FL
Rounding up, 5/4, down
Power Supply From mains
Dimensions 205 x 320 x 87 mm (WxDxH)