The ITS ‘Maria Gaetana Agnesi - Tech & Innovation Academy’ Foundation, a Higher Technical Institute of excellence offering post-high school diploma technological specialization, is being set up to train Data Analysts and Digital Transformation Specialists.

The Foundation, funded by the Lazio Region, will be based in Rome at the TIM Academy in Via Angelo Emo and aims to become a point of reference providing cutting-edge training in Information and Communication Technologies through collaboration with universities, schools, businesses and local entities. Training is expected to start by the end of the year.

The tribute to Maria Gaetana Agnesi - a scientist recognised as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time and the first woman to hold a chair of mathematics at the University of Bologna - is a demonstration of the intent of the Foundation's partners to promote women's education in STEM subjects at a time when the estimates of Eurostat's Gender Equality Index show that in Italy women represent only 27% of the workforce in the ICT sector.


The ITS Maria Gaetana Agnesi Foundation

The institute offers a unique training opportunity for young people contributing to the creation of an ecosystem geared towards the development of new skills in technological areas considered strategic for the country’s economic development and competitiveness.

The partners are: TIM and Group companies (NoovleOlivettiSparkleTelsy), Cinecittà S.p.A., Engineering, NTT DATA, BIP, Randstad Italia, Adecco Italia, WeSchool, Eustema, Modis Consulting, Simbiosity, Accademia Italiana Videogiochi. The initiative involves ‘La Sapienza’ university and ‘LUMSA’ university of Rome, the training organisations Ass.for.seo, Adecco Formazione, Randstad HR Solutions, school institutes (ITI Michael Faraday, ITIS Galileo Galilei, Liceo Scientifico Newton and IIS Carlo Urbani), in addition to the Municipalities of Fiumicino, Cerveteri, Ladispoli, Tolfa, Arsoli and the bilateral bodies ENIPG and EPIPGR.