Attention: Master enrollment has been extended until 10th December 2020

Enrollments for the Master in Smart Product Design 4.0, are continuing - providing a unique opportunity to acquire high level training in direct contact with the Production world. The course allows students to deepen their understanding of the technologies and methodologies used in the development of intelligent products within the framework of Digital Transformation and of Industria 4.0.

The objective of this 1st Level  Master in Smart Product Design 4.0 is to offer a a further education course to graduate trainees allowing them to deepen their knowlege of the methodologies and technologies used in the design and development of intelligent (Smart) products. Methods that are able to exploit fully the potential of recent developments in the fields of sensor systems, ICT technologies, data analysis, business process management and, especially, product innovation methodologies used typically in the development of complex products. Adoption of a collaborative approach - second nature to the digital revolution and Industria 4.0 -  produces a process of continuous innovation.

The Graduate trainees will be employed by the companies Olivetti and RGI, partners in this Master course.

The Turin Politecnico will submit a funding request in response to the Piedmont Region Call for Proposals: “High Level Specialisation and Research Apprenticeship (Art. 45 - Legislative  Decree No. 81/2015) – Public Notice Update approved with Resolution No. 537 of 03/08/2016, Regional Council Resolution No. 37-3617 of 11/07/2016 and No. 18/6767 of 20/04/2018”, referred to in Management Resolution No. 1486 of 17/12/2018. 

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