The initiative is being promoted by Olivetti (the TIM Group’s digital farm for the IoT) and aims to engage the best national and international startups, SMEs and scaleups to find the most innovative technological solutions to be integrated into the business, with an Open Innovation approach. 

The project ties in with Olivetti’s strategy, which is geared towards building a portfolio of value-added products and services for the market, with a focus on 5G. 

From today until 30 June, innovative projects in the following areas may be submitted via the TIM WCAP platform:

• Industry - Industrial IoT, process digitisation aimed at boosting the efficiency of industrial plant management, monitoring performance and creating natively digital services (IoT by construction) for corporate customers.

• Retail - Digitisation of points of sale with an omnichannel approach, aimed at increasing shop management efficiency through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools, Retail IoT and Digital Payment. 

• Urban - Smart Urban Services aimed at creating digital services that can improve the lives of citizens in cities (e.g. waste management, mobility, security, parking, and monitoring of pollution and transit indicators).

The proposals will be assessed by a jury of managers and experts who will select the best projects: the winners will be given the opportunity to develop their project on Olivetti’s IoT platforms.

The initiative benefits from the experience of TIM WCAP which, in its new format, is encouraging business opportunities and fostering collaboration with ‘ready-to-market’ startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and scaleups. It also has the support of Mind the Bridge – an international organisation providing companies and governments with innovation consultancy services. 

“The world of the IoT and related smart services calls for specific expertise to create solution ecosystems, also through the pursuit of partnerships, joint ventures or the acquisition of other technological players”, declared Roberto Tundo, Chief Executive Officer of Olivetti. “In this context, the Olivetti IoT Challenge offers an opportunity to identify excellent businesses that stand out on a national and international level, consistently with our founding values”.

“With this initiative, through TIM WCAP, TIM confirms its constant collaboration with the world of startups, SMEs and scaleups to foster new opportunities in response to the TIM Group's business development needs”, declared Carlo Tursi, Head of Business Development of TIM and Chief Executive Officer of TIM Ventures. We firmly believe that, thanks to innovation, these businesses can make an important contribution towards growth both within and outside our Group”.