The focus on diversity and inclusion in the business world has grown significantly over the last few years and is destined to continue doing so over the next three years. This was confirmed by the Ipsos research presented today at the launch of the fourth edition of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, attended by Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, Alessandra Locatelli, Minister for Disabilities, and Salvatore Rossi, TIM Chairman.

This year the largest intercompany event dedicated to inclusion, devised and promoted by TIM, was joined by 400 partners including businesses, universities, associations and no-profit organisations, with the aim of promoting the culture of inclusion and the individual right to diversity inside and outside of companies.

According to the research 'A che punto siamo con la DE&I in Italia' (Where are we with DE&I in Italy?) by Ipsos – a presentation of which will be available on the website – over 85% of the companies interviewed will accelerate their focus on diversity and inclusion policies in the coming years, also thanks to the increasing adoption of company policies centred around inclusion. The study also shows that 60% of the 4W4I partner companies have already been implementing specific inclusion initiatives for several years, much to the satisfaction of their employees (over 90% in agreement). Furthermore, Ipsos highlights that the initiatives were focused on gender equality (85%), disability (67%), gender identity (53%) and age (51%), while the topic expected to receive the most focus in future is disability (74%). In over three-quarters of cases (77%), policies on non-discriminatory conduct are already in place.

“Equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values of the European Union and a priority for the European Commission”, noted Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, who said: “Events such as 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, promoted by TIM, are an opportunity to take stock of the progress made, share good practices and encourage positive change. Our aim is to build a union of equality in which everyone feels appreciated and has the possibility to grow alongside their aspirations. To this end, we have adopted concrete strategies that promote gender equality, LGBTIQ equality, anti-racism, the inclusion of Roma people and the rights of disabled people. Promoting equal opportunities in relation to access to the labour market is also necessary to address the challenging lack of workforce and skills faced by many businesses in Europe”.

“I’d like to thank TIM for this initiative, which has proven to be an important event for maintaining a strong focus on inclusion and on good practices that make a daily contribution to nurturing diversity”, said Alessandra Locatelli, Minster for Disabilities. “To respond to future challenges, we must take courage and strengthen collaboration at all levels. Only if we combine the efforts of institutions, the voluntary sector, the private world and the social world can we guarantee adequate services and a dignified quality of life for every individual, including the most vulnerable, starting from the awareness that in each individual there is talent and skills to be developed. This great challenge requires commitment from us all, but it will allow us to build more inclusive and welcoming communities for everyone.”

“It brings me great satisfaction to see this event, now in its fourth edition, grow year after year”, commented Salvatore Rossi, TIM Chairman. “Since the first edition, when there were 27 partners, we now engage with over 400 businesses, universities, associations and no-profit organisations. This success is proof of the increasingly widespread awareness that promoting the universal right to inclusion is not only a duty, but an opportunity for economic growth. Supporting, with concrete projects, equal opportunities and the path towards a world of work that includes diversity, fostering its potential and uniqueness, are actions that generate positive repercussions at every level, which is why we make it part of our daily commitment”.

During the day, a panel discussion took place on 'Anatomia dell’inclusione' (Anatomy of Inclusion), chaired by Monica D’Ascenzo, journalist at Il Sole 24Ore. The panel, made up of representatives from the partner companies, presented the main changes to the 2023 edition. Participants include Paola Angeletti, Chief Operating Officer at Intesa Sanpaolo, Elena Ceccolini, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Operations Manager at Amazon Italia and Luciano Sale, HR Director at Fincantieri.