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Olivetti, consolidated brand from Italy’s industrial past and digital factory of the TIM Group, is starting a process of transformation to become the Digital Farm of the group in the IoT field, optimising assets and skills related to 5G.

The company aims to become a more integrated, strategic component within the TIM group, supplying services and  products in all environments where technology and connectivity are enabling elements.

Today, in fact, in addition to its leadership in retail and office segments, Olivetti brings its consolidated experience in sectors such as Internet of Things, proximity data storage and processing systems, and state-of-the-art wiredwireless and Machine to Machine connectivities, thanks to its outstanding skills in business empowerment through digital evolution and innovation.

Investments in the Digital sector, with the acquisition of advanced technologies, have led to the creation of IoT and data exploitation solutions. Added value services are provided, in particular, for Smart Cities :

  • Smart Metering: infrastructural solutions for remote management of distributed meter systems over a geographic area for Energy, Gas and Water Public Utility sectors;
  • Smart Lighting: solution for minimising costs relating to electricity consumption and equipment maintenance,  with a significant reduction in environmental impacts;
  • City Forecast: solution for analysing crowd presence and mobility within a given national area by means of a dashboard and heat map.

For the Retail and Office sector, Olivetti offers an extensive range of leading-edge hardware and software solutions able to automate business processes and activities for SMEs, large companies and shops. In regard to fiscal management systems, the company is working towards a new integrated solution able to manage sales outlets a full 360 degrees.

Among recent initiatives, Olivetti has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Ivrea - company headquarters and reference for the technological centre - where Olivetti is developing its new role, creating a strategy aimed at uniting Public Administration bodies and industry with a view to value creation. 

For this same purpose, Olivetti has signed also another agreement - with Confindustria Canavese - which has as its objective the experimentation of innovative platforms and digital services through an increasingly close collaboration between Olivetti with its associated companies.

Olivetti has a commercial presence, both direct and indirect, in 30 countries through its network of dealers and distributors.


  • Revenue (2020): € 192,9 millions
  • Employees (Mar 2021): 299



On 2 July 2018 Ivrea, the city where Olivetti’s story began 110 years ago, joined UNESCO's "World Heritage List" for its modern vision of the relationship between industry and architecture developed between the 1930s and 1960s.

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The Archivio Storico Olivetti collects, reorders, preserves, digitize, studies and valorizes legacy of both the Company and the Family.

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