On 14th and 15th June, Olivetti, in partnership with TIM JOL and TIM WCAP, held the first stage of Cash Register 4.0 Hackathon – a ‘Creative Evolution’ competition for Developers, Designers, Consumer Experts, along with their Mentors and Technicians, to devise innovative ideas and ways to promote Olivetti’s latest Cash Register 4.0 solutions which have been designed to handle the fast-paced digitalisation within the retail industry.

TIM WCAP is the TIM hub for Open Innovation and is committed to speed up the digital transformation of our country by selecting and developing the best new ideas, projects and solutions put forward by the group and their partners.

The competition’s Judging Panel, Marco Marchesi (Olivetti Marketing), Deborah Greco (Olivetti Legal), Fabio Zanino (Instutional & External Relations) and Massimo Valla (TIM – JOL) were looking at very specific criteria: Challenge, Innovation and Customer Validation.

The winner was Programma 101.1 with a solution aimed at reducing food waste and to maximise the management of the shop’s staff.

E-Cart took the second place with a solution to improve and evaluate the relationship between Merchant and customer.

Third place was awarded to Cooki, with a solution to manage the awareness of allergens within the Food and Restaurant environments.

All participants presenting solutions, which are ready to be engineered, will be invited to take part in further evaluations, with a view to having their inventions endorsed and included within the APP Store ‘Olivetti Catalogue’.

The Cash Register 4.0 project has been developed by Olivetti with cooperation from EIT Digital support, TIM JOL and University of Helsinki.

The next stage of the competition will take place at the University of Helsinki in September, and at EIT Digital Trento Node in October.