The TIM Group strongly believes in the importance of fostering an open, ethical, transparent and accountable corporate culture.

That is why it makes a Portal available to everyone, where they can report  any irregularities of which they become aware and which could cause damage or harm to Group companies or third parties to the Supervisory Body.

Anyone can submit a report: employees, partners, customers, suppliers, consultants, associates and, more generally, any third party.

It is possible to report any fact or behaviour (even of omission or only potentially harmful), suitably substantiated, of which one has become aware and which may cause damage or harm to TIM, Group companies or third parties. Commercial customer complaints and complaints of a personal nature are excluded.

Thanks to the active and responsible participation of individuals who, with a sense of ethics and in good faith, report non-compliant conduct and behaviour, the company can intercept any irregularities and take timely corrective action.  In the interest of the common good, therefore, a secure reporting channel protects the whistleblower and safeguards the company from any financial or reputational damage.

To send or transmit reports, the TIM Group provides the following channels:

  • The Portal is accessible from both the Intranet and the Internet at https://portalesegnalazioni.telecomitalia.it. The IT platform also allows for the submission of anonymous reports. Clicking on the 'Submit a Report' link will take you to the reporting path where you will be asked to fill in the necessary fields to start the investigation.
  • Ordinary mail by sending a hard copy to the address: Casella Segnalazioni, Telecom Italia S.p.A. -Via Gaetano Negri, 1 -20123 Milan.

On behalf of the Supervisory Body TIM's Audit department investigates all reports, including anonymous ones, assigning to  each report, even anonymous ones, a unique identification code enabling the reporting party to check its status.

All reports are treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality in order to protect the whistleblower from any risk of retaliation or repercussions on their work or personal life. Secure protocols and encryption tools are used for this purpose at the IT level.

All information and personal data acquired are processed with respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms and the dignity of the persons concerned, in terms of confidentiality and data security and in compliance with Regulation 2016/679/EU (General Data Protection Regulation). The privacy policy is available at the following link Portale Segnalazioni (telecomitalia.it).

The terms and conditions of use of the "Whistleblowing Portal" are available at the following link Portale Segnalazioni (telecomitalia.it)

The activity of the Supervisory Body