Retail printers

Retail printers

With more than 30 years of experience in the banking sector, Olivetti is the global leader in printers for front-office applications, with more than 1,500,000 printers installed in banks all over the world, from the USA to China, where it has an 80% market share. Its offer is completed with specialised slip and receipt printer peripherals, providing equally high-performance speed and autonomy. Slips can be personalised with logos or other graphical elements, thanks to top-quality two-colour printing.

PRT 101 show details

Simple and elegant, the PRT 101 is the compact retail printer that can be used in the kitchen for printing orders or at the counter to print non-fiscal documents.


PRT 100 show details

In the wide world of retail, knowing how to speed up cash desk transactions becomes a decisive factor. Faster transactions are immediately transformed into increased profitability for the overall business. For those who are looking to speed up the flow of customers through cash desks, Olivetti presents the PRT 100, a new specialized thermal printer that prints at a blazing 200 millimeters per second. Extremely versatile and practical, it can solve all your cash desk management problems.