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Olivetti 3D S2

Olivetti 3D S2

3D Printer - Olivetti S2 - 3D Print reliable with dual extruder

Olivetti 3D-S2 is the 3D printer specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprises engaged in the digital transformation process. With its large format printing capacity (up to 400x400x400 mm) and the high printing speed (over 150 mm/sec) the Olivetti 3D-S2 is one of the best performing 3D printers in its reference category, allowing objects of even considerable dimensions to be built quickly.

  • Industrial quality and reliability
  • Large format printing area
  • Various plastic materials worked – also filled-up with wood, plastic, carbon and marble
  • Direct printing from sd card possible without use of pc
  • Dual extruder


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3d Printer - Olivetti S2: the best solution for your 3D printing

The 3D printing and rapid prototyping have become two activities necessary to the industrial development of a business. The ease with which the prototypes are produced compared to a few years ago has enabled many small businesses to become independent in the digital transformation of models. Olivetti S2 3D printer allows in short times and with complete reliability to build perfect models thanks to its large format print area and processing of various plastic materials. One of the most important features is the double extruder which allows more printing speed and a reduction of the breaks.

Rapid Prototyping thanks to 3d printer - Olivetti S2

The rapid prototyping is a technique for the realization of prototypes that is based on the addition of plastic material through a spray effect that allows the creation of prototypes of any shape and complexity.



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