Olivetti, the IoT specialist operating as part of TIM Enterprise, and Nexi, Europe's PayTech leader, have announced the start of a technology and business collaboration.

The agreement entails the two companies pooling their respective expertise to add Nexi's digital payment solutions to Olivetti's advanced cash systems offer. Together, the two companies will embark on a shared path to develop and market integrated fiscal and payment solutions for the retail sector. A commercial collaboration is also planned for disseminating Nexi solutions through the Olivetti sales network, which has more than 300 business partners including dealers and distributors and a widespread presence throughout the country.

The partnership between Olivetti and Nexi, confirmed by the signing of a memorandum of understanding, will make retail payments and cash systems more complementary, with the aim of speeding up a more widespread use of electronic payments. Thanks to the new solutions, merchants will be able to subscribe to a single offer for an advanced cash register and a digital payment service, as well as to improve day-to-day business management, benefiting from an integrated service that offers a secure and fast shopping experience.

Olivetti holds a significant share of the Italian cash register market and, by offering complete digital payment solutions, thanks to agreements with leading Fintech companies, it is consolidating its role as Digital Payment Provider for the TIM Group