Olivetti, digital farm for TIM Group’s IoT solutions, and Tecno have created the first smart work station for the home and office. A collaboration project between the two companies, which combines their expertise in the Internet of Things, has given rise to SINTESI, an innovative solution that makes working from home or the office an integrated and connected experience designed to meet the need for a new balance in daily life.

In perfect synchronicity with Olivetti and Tecno tradition, the project is highly innovative in terms of both the concept and product: SINTESI interprets the working environment in the most up-to-date ways, anticipating future requirements.

The set of SINTESI products consists of an ergonomic chair, the super-equipped workstation UNICA and the app that manages the entire “ecosystem” created by IO.T Solutions. This set of components has resulted in a solution that facilitates daily work activities, at home and in the office, placing the person and their needs centre stage in order to combine comfort and efficiency. From sensors to measure the air quality to ambient lights that follow the times of the day, noise-cancelling headphones to a monitor that does not tire the eyes and up to a notification that tells you when it’s time to take a break.

Integration between the software platform, the app by IO.T Solutions and the hardware device by Olivetti makes the solution ‘smart’ and provides control over several features. The work station can be made to dialogue with the company headquarters, central servers or shared platforms.

"A return to our origins, which has me recalling the birth of the P40, one of the first Tecno products to be designed with technological logic specifically for people. Today, together with Olivetti, a new product is born. Known as UNICA, it is a true synthesis of aesthetics and functionality» declared Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of Tecno Spa.

“The Smart Home market, as represented by the TIM Studies Centre, has high potential to the point that turnover is expected to double in a few years in Italy and even to exceed one billion euros by 2023. For Olivetti this sector represents a fundamental test bed and the launch of SINTESI is an important result, which also highlights the capacity of the three companies to create a system by pooling their mutual expertise,” stated Roberto Tundo, CEO of Olivetti. “Moreover, this solution is fully consistent with Olivetti’s values and history, combining technological excellence with design excellence in a project that places people and their needs centre stage, more now than ever aimed at balancing work and home life.”

«Today we launch the home-to-office ecosystem where technology is at the service of people, helping them to effectively manage their work, both at home and in the office. Remote working will be easier with the UNICA product, while the use of e-building services will be made easier thanks to the SINTESI app» declared Tommaso Mosconi, General Manager IO.T Solutions.

The initiative was presented today during the digital event “Discover SINTESI” - held at “Casa Blu”, Olivetti’s technological hub in Ivrea - moderated by Pierpaolo Peruccio, Associate Professor of Architecture and Design at the Polytechnic University of Turin and board member of the World Design Organization, with the participation of Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT Senseable City Lab and a top management executive of the three companies.