TIM has cancelled out the CO2 emissions generated in 2021 by TIM’s commercial and institutional websites and those of Group companies, including NoovleOlivettiSparkleTelsyKena Mobile e FiberCop: no less than 900 tonnes of greenhouse gases offset, corresponding to 127 round-the-world tours by car.

Protecting the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and supporting afforestation in Italy

TIM's websites are now carbon neutral, thanks to an international project protecting over 28,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The Group has chosen to support Maìsa REDD+, a project promoting conservation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, by monitoring illegal deforestation and getting the local people involved to preserve the biodiversity of flora and fauna.

TIM will also be supporting two forest restoration projects in Italy this spring, to increase urban green areas and generate services for local areas. The first is in Parco Nord in Milan, where it will plant 80 new trees in addition to the 70 planted last year, which, over a typical life cycle of 30 years, will contribute to the uptake of approximately 50 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of around 500 operating refrigerators in the space of a year. The second is in Umbria, where TIM will be supporting a project for management of the Città della Pieve-Piegaro forest.

Further details can be found on the TIM Group website.

TIM Group's initiatives to fight climate change

The offsetting of emissions generated by the websites is part of the TIM Group’s sustainability strategy, which has made environmental protection one of its priority areas for action, with a view to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The Group aims to enhance its sustainable products and services portfolio with 15% green smartphones by 2024. By 2025, only energy from renewable sources will be used, eliminating indirect emissions and improving eco-efficiency by 50% thanks to the use of fibre and 5G.

The CO2web® method by Rete Clima

The CO2web® method developed by Rete Clima - a non-profit organisation specialised in promoting sustainability and verified by the ICMQ organisation - was used to evaluate website emissions. The calculation was based on the energy consumption of the servers hosting the web pages and all the services required for their functioning. Website carbon neutrality is certified by the “CO2 emission zero® website” green label.