The agreement whereby Buffetti (Dylog Group) acquires Olivetti’s retail cash systems business from the TIM Group is now effective.

The agreement signed by Buffetti is a strategic opportunity to enhance Olivetti’s retail activity and ensure mutual growth through the excellent synergy between the two businesses. The integration will also be a chance for Buffetti to make significant investments, and developments to products and its offer, in part thanks to the proprietary payment systems and services.

Olivetti’s activities within the operation account for a large portion of the Italian cash register market and comprise a wide range of retail products and services.

At the same time, Buffetti, the leading Italian office equipment company, with a network of over 700 franchised points of sale across Italy, will also enrich its range for professionals, enterprises, artisans, retailers and the world of business owners in general.

One of the main selling points of this transaction is the recognition and respect for workers’ skills and the procurement chain, preserving the domain and technical skills of the people in Olivetti’s retail business, to ensure the continuity of the development plans already in place and those yet to come for the integration of Olivetti’s platforms that manage retail taxes within those of the Buffetti universe.

This element can be a selling point to enhance the operation with a Buffetti Group’s investment plan in Ivrea. At a time when the digital transformation is influencing all economic, industrial, tourism, retail and public administration sectors, the availability of technical resources with a consolidated skills background is a major opportunity for Buffetti.