Olivetti, marca histórica de la industria italiana y polo digital del Grupo TIM opera en el mercado doméstico nacional e internacional como una realidad renovada y en evolución que coloca en el centro de todas sus actividades la generación de valor para sus clientes. Con una amplia oferta de productos y servicios de vanguardia, ofrece en el mercado, en total sinergia con el Grupo TIM, soluciones digitales end-to-end innovadoras y tecnológicamente avanzadas para el mundo business. Gracias al liderazgo en los segmentos retail y office  y a la experiencia consolidada en los sectores del Internet of Things, Edge Computing, conectividad avanzado de tipo wired, wireless y Machine to Machine, posee hoy un posicionamiento distintivo de competencias en la habilitación del business a través de la innovación y la evolución digital. 

Olivetti turnover for 2019 is EUR 218 million. As January 2019, company employees number 288 and a direct sales organization and indirect network of dealers and distributors in 30 countries.

Olivetti is a leading company in the Office and Retail market, a point of reference for IT solutions and advanced digital services for the business world and the Digital hub of the TIM Group. 

For Retail and Office sector it offers a wide range of state of the art hardware and software products and turnkey solutions capable of automating business processes and activities for SMEs, major companies and vertical markets.

In the Digital world it provides projects and solutions linked to the IoT market, Big Data and platforms providing cloud services, thanks to investments made in the sector with the acquisition of advanced technologies.

Olivetti’s latest generation proposals are integrated with innovative services and business applications. Some examples:

  • For public and private enterprises it offers Managed Print Services (MPS), a platform for monitoring and optimizing print and document management processes; modular and innovative Asset Management solutions based on the use of advanced NFC or RFID technologies; graphometric signature solutions on advanced tablets.
  • Products and services for the Retail market include cash registers, POS and integrated software to automate sales outlet management, and cloud-based electronic invoicing solutions.

The many solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, for Smart Cities and more besides, include:

  • Smart Metering: infrastructural projects for the remote management of meters located throughout the country for Public Utilities in the Energy, Gas and Water sectors;
  • Smart Lighting: a lighting system that can minimize the cost of electricity consumption and the maintenance of equipment, considerably reducing the environmental impact;
  • Smart Farm: making innovative IoT technologies available to agricultural companies to improve the quality of the harvest and increase profitability;
  • City Forecast: to perform, through a web interface, analyses of Presence and Mobility in an acquired area of the national territory by means of dashboards and heat maps.



On 2 July 2018 Ivrea, the city where Olivetti’s story began 110 years ago, joined UNESCO's "World Heritage List" for its modern vision of the relationship between industry and architecture developed between the 1930s and 1960s.

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The patrimony conserved by the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti comprises principally of documents and other material relating to activities carried out during a period of over a century by companies of the Olivetti Group.

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