Gestion de la clientèle

Gestion de la clientèle

Advanced Caring is the Olivetti Group department that develops and provides specialist customer care solutions and services, with specific focus on Technical Assistance and Integrated Logistics. 

Advanced Customer Care processes are managed on the basis of an end-to-end model, comprising operating project analysis and production, implementation of technological infrastructures, and continuous service monitoring, to guarantee the agreed service levels. 

The offer covers the entire customer support process, with qualified Front-End, Technical Support and specialized Back Office activities and document management services, through to the development of business support solutions.

Particular attention is devoted to organization, staff training and motivation, planning and coordination of operating flows, in order to optimize activities management and achieve its goal of creating and integrating processes of value for the customer's business. 

Processes are ruled through proprietary or integrated technological platforms, allowing to coordinate, monitor and intervene in the management of different services: CRM solutions, to manage Help Desk and Back Office operations, Trouble Ticketing, asset management and document management; call dispatching and automatic outbound systems; workflow and monitoring platforms.