Solutions de gestion des appareils mobiles

Solutions de gestion des appareils mobiles

Companies and PA Authorities today have to cope with managing devices of different types (desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets...) installed with different operating system (OS) versions. In fact, the continuous evolution of the operating systems installed on desktops and laptops, the increased use of custom applications for business purposes and the constant need to renew the range of devices distributed to Company/PA employees have all contributed to making centralised management of devices increasingly complex. Added to this the latest phenomenon encountered more and more frequently of Bring Your Own Device.

Managing these device represents a considerable burden for the ICT internal divisions of Companies and PA authorities: from resolving configuration problems to distributing company App updates, managing equipment security issues and company network access to managing HW faults involving rapid replacement and reconfiguration activities.

To respond to the requirements of Companies/ PA authorities, Olivetti has developed a total outsourcing solution for Companies. Going beyond «simple» device management it integrates a portfolio of professional skills and expertise to guide and support Company employees towards an informed, efficient management of their own devices.

The Olivetti offer solution is not tied to any mobile/fixed device manufacturer or fixed line/mobile network operator.


Olivetti offers an Advanced Help Desk solution that:

  • Unifies management of FIXED and MOBILE devices
  • Offers independence from mobile and/or fixed providers
  • Offers complete service Outsourcing

Single users can interact directly with the Competence Centre:

  • Sending support requests or requesting information about their own configurations
  • Receiving customised support on the basis of their company profile
  • Scheduling appointments for support requests, specifying also date, time and time zone
  • Displaying the status of requests sent (pending or closed)
  • Receiving remote assistance on basic or advanced functionalities and how to configure company  applications


Olivetti also offers:

  • Customised services and specialist support for existing platforms of the Customer
  • Supply of services for the distribution of devices or applications to employees having particular configurations
  • «operational continuity» services for personnel, also following equipment damage/theft, with SLA cover agreed with the Customer.

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