Interface utilisateur et systèmes en arrière plan

Interface utilisateur et systèmes en arrière plan

Front End
The Front End handles inbound and outbound processes on a multi-channel, multi-lingual basis, providing specialized technical, commercial, logistics and administrative support: Help Desk on products and services for Business and Consumer users (online trouble-shooting for equipment operation problems, guided installation, escalation to locally based operations for on-site assistance, swaps and repairs); end-to-end care activities and Top Client monitoring; qualified outbound for assessment of customer satisfaction as part of customer value management. 

Back Office
Specialized Back Office services cover contract activation, order processing, regulated service requests (unbundling, shared access), full administrative process management for Business and Consumer users (billing, account balancing, collection, credit), as well as customer process control and tracking. 

Control Room
The Control Room is the organizational unit responsible for remote IT platform and equipment monitoring. Specifically, the Control Room provides Customer Support with resolution of problems reported at front end (first-level problem determination & solving) or dispatch to 2nd level assistance and monitoring of the contact until the question has been fully resolved, as well as Provisioning, with receipt and management of service activation and/or termination orders through to transmission of an email advice to the customer. The Control Room guarantees monitoring of overall and detailed operations and drafts final reports. 


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