Terminales multiservicio

Terminales multiservicio

Como proveedor líder en Italia y uno de los principales proveedores internacionales de sistemas de juegos y loterías automatizados, Olivetti ofrece soluciones y servicios de valor añadido basándose en sus conocimientos tecnológicos y su amplia experiencia en el sector. Su catálogo se completa con sistemas de voto electrónico y terminales de administración electrónica.

MAAF is the peripheral intelligent terminal of an automated system enabling central government to eliminate tax evasion risks and the costs of physical stamp duties handling. MAAF terminal prints stamp duties received from the remote services centre. With the MAAF terminal, retailers no longer have to make advance payments and consumers know they will find the stamp value they need in any outlet. 


Lottery sales and payment of winning ticket, paying utility bills, recharge of pre-paid cards, and signing contracts are just some of the services the M206 terminal can be used for. As the M206 terminal supports a second display with an HDMI interface, it can also be used to deliver video content. As a compact device (A4 footprint) M206 is the ideal tool for any Gaming and Retail Organizations, Banks as well as Public Authorities.


The m206 is a terminal designed to provide traditional and innovative web services in point-of-sale environments. Paying utility bills, recharge of pre-paid cards, accepting bets for online games and signing contracts are just some of the services the M210 terminal can be used for. The large number of integrated peripherals and connections for external peripherals allow the device to be specialised for multiple applications in point-of-service networks and point-of-sale environments. 


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A line of configurable multimedia kiosks and totems for digital signage, queue management and bank transparency applications. At the customer’s request, each model can be personalised to support specific application requirements.


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Olikiosk V2000 has been designed for digital signage, queue management and bank transparency applications.
It features a 20" professional vertical wide touch-screen monitor, for easier, more effective interaction with the user.
With its innovative design and compact dimensions, Olikiosk V2000 can be used even in small spaces.
Intended as a system for multimedia functions, the kiosk can also be equipped with a ticket printer for queue management applications.