Soluciones de Gestión de Contactos

Soluciones de Gestión de Contactos

Technological evolution has multiplied the number of contact modes between Customers and Companies, obliging companies to manage contacts made using all these channels, while at the same time facilitating the development of proactive engagement by Customers.

In this scenario, the cornerstone of multi-channelling continues to be the CTI platform, now seen as a solution for handling Customers in an Integrated Profiled mode.

CTI must not only receive Customers but also produce value.

Olivetti CTI solutions respond to the need of being «All In One» platforms, that is, inclusive of all additional advanced services required by the market and including consultancy and development services necessary for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) .

These are technologies that can be provided both at the customer site and on Cloud and are always customisable to actual Customer requirements.


Service features

  • Multi-channel access: voice, fax, email, SMS, web, chat, social networks (Facebook, Twitter,…)
  • Workforce management for optimising staff resource use and performance assessment
  • Proactive engagement for real-time interaction with web site visitors
  • Semantic routing for automatically routing requests to specialised operators
  • Virtual Agent: virtual operators providing automatic responses over the various channels
  • Web Self-caring: web component providing guided resolution of customer requests under the self-care umbrella
  • Knowledge management: database sharing to guarantee fast coherent responses
  • Business Intelligence for producing assessment report on service quality (SLA), profitability and productivity



Improvement of End Customer quality perception as a result of:

  • Greater number of engagement channels possible
  • Briefer waiting times
  • Increased Self-caring (via web, apps, social networks)
  • Savings deriving from “call deflection” and optimised use of Operator resources
  • Availability of useful information for Customer services improvements

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