Logos 662

Logos 662

This professional desktop calculator features a large display for output of calculations in two colours and bright characters that are extremely clear and easy to read in all lighting conditions.

_back-lit display with 12 large digits in two colours: negative numbers in red
_two-colour ribbon printing system for absolutely clear calculations: speed of 3.5 lps
_advanced calculation functions including automatic calculation of rates, very useful for calculating VAT
_call and Void function to display and correct the data entered
_large, ergonomic keyboard

With its clear-cut, uncluttered design and reduced footprint, the Olivetti Logos 662 delivers unfailing reliability each time.

  • back-lit LCD display
  • fast, two-colour printer
  • currency converter
  • clean-cut, ergonomic design


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Display 2-colour 12-digit backlit LCD display
Printer 2-colour parallel impact printer (3.5 line/sec.)
Functions 4 basic operations
- Percentage
- 4 memory keys
- Gross profit margin (Mark-Up)
- Call and void
- Tax calculation
- Currency conversion
Selectors Item counter
- Decimals +, 0, 2, 3, 4, FL
- No print / print
- Rounding up, 5/4, down
- Acc.: Yes/no
Power Supply Mains power
Dimensions 315 x 205 x 83 mm (DxWxH)