Oliboard SW

Oliboard SW

With Oliboard SW, preparing lessons with digital contents, real-time adaptation as required in the classroom and sharing these with students and teachers have never been so simple.

With Oliboard SW, the whiteboard can be used with any type of software running on the computer and also includes a “whiteboard" mode that provides a virtual surface that can be expanded on demand.

OLIBOARD SW can be used by teachers and students of all classes:

  • To organize lessons
  • to conduct these in the classroom
  • to study these at home


  • In the classroom OLIBOARD SW permits multi-user pen and finger inputs according to Oliboard model.
  • At home OLIBOARD SW can be used freely on teacher and student PCs (Oliboard SW vers.9 provided there is an Oliboard whiteboard in the classroom where teaching is conducted, in case of teacher, or in which the student is registered, in case of student) in the full version also without whiteboard, to prepare and restudy lessons.


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