Oliboard ePEN

Oliboard ePEN

Oliboard ePen is the ideal interactive whiteboard for all classroom situations in which precise, natural writing is essential.

The two electronic pens make it possible to write also resting the hand on the whiteboard or tapping this with the fingers without accidently activating any function. The ergonomic, easy to use pen soon becomes an instrument of daily use.

The pressure-sensitive tip permits intuitive emulation of the left click of the mouse, distinguishing this from the mouse-over or “hover” function while the only button on the barrel of the pen emulates the right click of the mouse. The whiteboard recognizes the pen being used, thus permitting independent operation by two users via the Oliboard software provided.

  • Natural, precise, fast writing
  • Two full-function users (with tools and toolbars combined with each electronic pen), without limitations of area
  • Reliable, continuous functioning


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External area (diagonal and dimensions) OLIBOARD 95D
101' (2571 mm)
2232 x 1275 mm
Active area (diagonal and dimensions) OLIBOARD 95D
99 1/3' (2522 mm)
2224 x 1190 mm
Projection area (diagonal and dimensions) OLIBOARD 95D
97 1/3' (2413 mm)
2168 x 1190 mm
Aspect ratio OLIBOARD 95D
Multi-user Two users, each with personal tools and toolbar combined with his/her electronic pen, without limitations of area
Writing speed 1 user: 17 m/sec (669 inch/ sec) 
2 users: 8 m/sec (314 inch/sec)
Accuracy +/- 0,05mm
Touch mode With electronic pens provided
Electronic pen Mouse emulation:
- mobile tip for left clicks
- bar button for right clicks
- hover function
Toolbar on whiteboard On right-hand side, always active, 12 buttons
Interface USB
Power supply Via the same USB interface (220V not required)
Software included OLIBOARD SW
Accessories included 2 electronic pens
Pen-holder tray
Connection cable
Anti-vibration, anti-detachment wall mount kit