Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards

Olivetti Oliboard - Showcase

Engagement and stimulation of the desire to learn
Oliboard permits immediate use of digital contents downloaded from the web, books and digital resources, making it possible to adapt the lesson to all teaching situations. Oliboard comprises digital libraries with a vast range of teaching resources already organized by subject to permit independent access, expansion and structuring according to teachers' and students' personal requirements.

Maintain high level concentration
The Oliboard software furnished with the whiteboards permits instant switching from an overall to a detailed view, contributing to maintaining a high level of student focus and concentration both on the context and on details.
Oliboard increases the pace of lessons through the possibility of accessing multi-mode intuitive commands and tools and of use with other software programs, so that each teacher and student can work at his or her own pace.
Oliboard eliminates time-consuming activation of equipment, with negative impact on students' attention.

In the classroom for an engaging collaborative interactive learning experience
Oliboard delivers multi-level, multi-user technology: from the hardware of the whiteboards, which can be used concurrently by the teacher and several students in order to interact naturally during a lesson or test, to the software that permits fast, intuitive sharing of lessons and notes that can be saved using standard formats and devices. The possibility of using OLIBOARD SW in conjunction with other educational applications and remote collaboration platforms is also part of a vision aimed to a collaborative learning.

At home: to promote independent learning and personal creativity
Oliboard stimulates individual learning skills, allowing students to restructure and re-organize lesson contents and also to add elements taken from their personal learning experience. With Oliboard, lessons can be enhanced with annotations, documents and materials, gradually building a personal digital library sorted according to personal preference and saved in standard formats for fast retrieval and re-use. This vision of Oliboard also permits use of Oliboard software, in the complete version, freely at home on teacher and student PCs (Oliboard SW vers.9 provided there is an Oliboard whiteboard in the classroom where teaching is conducted (in case of teacher) or in which the student is registered (in case of student).

Oliboard download

Download the brochure "Oliboard - InnovatiVe classroom technology"

Oliboard In show details

High Quality Images, even in low light conditions, together with its low weight (which allows mounting also on Plasterboard walls.) makes it a practical and technological advanced item.    
The surface can be written on as usual using a variety of (erasable) markers and common highlighters without haloes or smears, and is engineered to produce excellent results when used in combination with interactive projectors functioning with special markers and/or finger touch (touch models).


Oliboard ePEN show details

Oliboard ePen is the ideal interactive whiteboard for all classroom situations in which precise, natural writing is essential.


Oliboard SW show details

Software application for teachers and students: to organize lessons, to conduct these in the classroom, to study these at home.
With Oliboard SW, preparing lessons with digital contents, real-time adaptation as required in the classroom and sharing these with students and teachers have never been so simple.


Oliboard kSystem show details

Everything you need for a safe and reliable installation in classrooms: mobile stands, shelf-box for notebook, brackets for wall mounting.