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Olivetti continues the process of renewing solutions dedicated to the world of Education with the availability of easily accessible tools for schools, teachers, students and their families constitutes an important element in accelerating the digitalisation process.


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Oliboard permits immediate use of digital contents downloaded from the web, books and digital resources, making it possible to adapt the lesson to all teaching situations. Oliboard comprises digital libraries with a vast range of teaching resources already organized by subject to permit independent access, expansion and structuring according to teachers' and students' personal requirements.In the classroom for an engaging collaborative interactive learning experience; at home to promote independent learning and personal creativity.


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Olivetti extends its offer for schools and the world of education, supporting it on the road to digitalisation by providing IT skills and easy-to-use solutions running on open systems and meeting common standards. The availability of easy-to-access platforms, products and tools for schools, educators, students, and their families, has the power to accelerate the digitalisation transformation of teaching and encourage the propagation of a digital culture in Italy.


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Olivetti is able to continue renewing its portfolio of solutions addressing the education field. The availability of easy-to-access tools for schools, teachers, students and their families contributes significantly to accelerating the school digitalisation process, promoting the dissemination of a digital culture necessary for the country’s development.