Nettun@7000int’l 4Restaurant

Nettun@7000int’l 4Restaurant

Nettun@7000 int’l 4Restaurant is the ideal solution to perfectly optimise every activity of restaurant owners: an integrated system for immediate, precise connection between the dining room, the kitchen and the cash desk.

The heart of the system is the powerful and reliable Nettun@7000plus software, linked to a wireless router for automated management of customer orders via tablets and printers installed at the production point.

Since different kind of restaraunts means different needs, Nettun@7000 int’l 4Restaurant can be configured to the needs of the individual restaurant and easily updated to support subsequent changes. The perfect buddy for your restaurant.

  • up to 5 tablets on a wireless connection for order taking
  • up to 5 printers run by the cash register application
  • pre-bill management
  • order cancellation, reversal, summary functions
  • management of up to 100 tables
  • selective order printing at production points (bar, kitchens, oven, grill...)
  • interactive map showing table status: free, booked, occupied, closing



  • Touchscreen graphical layout with simple intuitive functions
  • Functions to free, combine, move or book tables
  • Multi-phase customer order management for transmission to printers
  • Management of variation requests for each dish
  • Intuitive programmable interface
  • Personalised configuration for bars, pubs, pizzerias, restaurants
  • Allocation of different price lists to the same item




Download the Brochure here