Cash register

Cash register

Cutting-edge technology, high flexibility, innovative design and superior performance: these are the characteristics of Olivetti cash registers, designed as highly professional solutions delivering advanced ergonomics and innovation even for the most sophisticated sales desk requirement.

Nettun@ 7000open show details

All-in-one POS system with integrated printer. The touch-screen operator panel, the integrated thermal printer and the open platform make this integrated system ideal for any kind of retail, restaurant and business.


Nettun@ 7000int’l show details

Nettun@ 7000int’l is much more than a simple cash register. The touch-screen operator panel and eye-catching user interface graphics make this terminal an indispensable tool for the most demanding shops and restaurants.


Nettun@ 3000int’l show details

Innovative design, compact size and high performance are the main features of the latest Olivetti cash register solution. Nettun@ 3000int’l is not just a cash register, but rather an integrated system that responds with versatility to the needs of shops and retail catering establishments.


ECR 8220S show details

The ECR 8220 S cash register is the latest Olivetti solution offering specialized functions to match operators needs in the hospitality and retail sector. Intended for heavy workloads, user-friendly, easy to program and equipped with top-level SW performance: Olivetti ECR 8220S is the perfect tool for any updated hospitality (or retail) operator.


ECR 8200S show details

Olivetti ECR 8200S is a new professional cash register suitable for the retail market, which can also be used in the hospitality sector , thanks to its programmable keyboard and overall SW performance.


ECR 6800LD show details

Olivetti ECR 6800 LD is equipped with a reliable alphanumeric thermal printer and large lockable cash drawer with removable tray. It provides fast and silent receipt printing and supports a broad range of printable content.
The high-luminosity alphanumeric operator display , the pop-up customer display, a large colour-coded keyboard, together with the elegant lines of Italian design, make the ECR 6800 the perfect choice for small and medium retailers in a broad range of sectors.


ECR 6800 show details

The Olivetti ECR 6800, the compact cash register with the elegant lines of Italian design, is suitable for small and medium retailers in a broad range of sectors.


ECR 7700LD eco Plus show details

The Olivetti ECR 7700LD eco Plus is the new Eco-Friendly electronic cash register that respects the environment.


ECR 7700 Plus show details

The Olivetti ECR 7700 Plus is a compact cash registers with a fast and silent thermal printing system at 5.2 lines per second.


ECR 7200 show details

The Olivetti ECR7200 is the entry level alphanumeric thermal printer cash register. Elegant semplicity.


ECR 7100 show details

Non-fiscal electronic cash register