Data Driven Solutions

Data Driven Solutions

Social Listening show details

This type of service allows the good or bad reputation of a brand to be assessed with planning of corrective actions and promotional/communications activities.


Proximity Marketing show details

Mobile marketing campaigns on geolocated target customers (push notifications via app).
Automatic detection by dedicated enabling technologies (BLE, GPS …) and Apps in (or near) hotspots (e.g. retail shops).
Collection and management of campaign feedback refined selectively for Customer Base.


Profiling & Campaign Management show details

Customer Base analysis and reprocessing of customer-owned data to create lists for targeted marketing campaigns and initiatives.


Indoor Analytics show details

By analysing and monitoring people’s behaviour within a defined space, Indoor Analytic solutions give a better understanding of how useful and pleasing a space is.

Through the correlation, harmonisation and comprehension of data gathered from different information sources it is possible to identify the best practices and initiatives to undertake to  exploit the space best, such as, for example, optimisation of staff levels, product placement and space layout.


TIM Big Data show details

TIM Big Data is a solution suite that, exploiting TIM Datasets, offers advanced cloud tools for quality and quantity analyses, physical presence, mobility, nationality and national socio-demographic statistics.

The offer provides dedicated profiles for the Public Administration (City Forecast) and Business world (Tim Big Data).

With TIM Big Data you can: