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ECR 8220

ECR 8220

The ECR 8220 cash register is the latest Olivetti solution offering specialized functions to match operators needs in the hospitality and retail sector. Intended for heavy workloads, user-friendly, easy to program and equipped with top-level SW performance: Olivetti ECR 8220 is the perfect tool for any updated hospitality (or retail) operator.

  • Hospitality functions: 100 tables guest handling
  • Price look-ups: up to 3000 items
  • PLU: stock handling
  • Addictional memory: SD card slot
  • PC connection: serial interface
  • Scanner connection: serial interface​


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  • Innovative graphical operator display with 8 lines that allows easy-to-use programming and shows every transaction clearly.
  • Large flat alphanumeric keyboard for direct selection of 105 PLUs 
  • Up to 3,000 programmable PLU's or sub-departments  
  • 99 programmable departments on 10 dept groups  
  • Availability of 4 VAT rates handled + tax exempt 
  • 15 clerk identification codes 
  • Availability of 9 payment methods Hospitality functions 
  • Single station, drop-in, alphanumeric thermal printer  
  • Possibility to program up to 5 different scrolling courtesy messages


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Departments 99 programmable departments on 10 dept groups
PLU Up to 3,000 programmable PLU’s or sub-departments
VAT 4 VAT rates handled + tax exempt
Clerks 15 clerk identification codes
El ectronic Journal Dynamic, up to 12,000 lines, expandable via SD card
Receipt Personalization - 10 + 10-line promotional message
- Graphic logo via PC
Payment Methods Cash, Check, Charge, Cred1 to Cred 6 tender media key, with change tendered on all payments
Exchange Rates 4 foreign currencies with related currency descriptions
Specialized Keys - Hold and recall customer transaction
- Pay media transfer
- Received-on-account key
- Paid-out key
- Void-list to correct entry after processing (VOID), delete full entries (FULL VOID)
- EC to delete last item entered
- Refund to subtract a returned item
- Discount and add-on list to 1% and 2% percentage discount/add-on, 1± and 2± subtract or add amount
Programmability - 8 preset languages + free text language program
- Taxable or tax exempt transactions, single or multiple item sales
- Percentage discount and add-on key
- Date and time to be printed on receipt or journal entry
- Range of VAT totals to be printed on the sales receipt
- Keyboard layout; 5 pop-up list functions; 5 chain functions; 5 chain reports; 5 scrolling courtesy messages
Hospitality Functions - Tracking of 100 tables (up to 50 items for table)
- Take out function for use alternative Tax
- Tray and Total tray function for dividedthe total amount
- Table account review, and proforma receipt printing;
- ABR (Automatic Business Receipt)
Security Functions - Manager password associated with cashier security codes
- Memory protection
- Lockable cash drawer
- Minus, refund, void and no sale activity totalling in management reports
Other Functions - Management reports
- Quantity entries using the decimal point
- Calculation of change due
- Training mode
- PLU stock handling


Performance relates to use of the product under optimal conditions. 
Right reserved to modify technical specifications.

Technology Single station, drop-in, alphanumeric thermal printer
Speed 10 lps
Paper 57 mm width thermal paper
Printing Capacity 24 columns
Operating Mode Printing for receipt or journal


Performance relates to use of the product under optimal conditions. 
Right reserved to modify technical specifications.

Operator Display - LCD graphical
- High digit definition with contrast control
- 8-line, alphanumeric 26-position
Customer Display - VFD pop-up
- Large digits
- 1-line alphanumeric, 10-position
Programmable Keyboard - 43 function keys
- 12-key numeric keypad
- 35 PLU direct access keys for 3 pages (35 x 3 = 105 total)
Interface - Serial interface for PC connection
- Serial interface for barcode scanner
- SD memory card interface
Cash Drawer - Detachable lockable metallic cash drawer with removable tray
- 8 slots for coins, 4 slots for banknotes + 1 slot for front drawer insertion
- Additional deposit drawer
Dimensions (WxDxH) 410 x 430 x 297 mm
Weight 9.9 Kg


Performance relates to use of the product under optimal conditions. 
Right reserved to modify technical specifications.