The Olivetti range includes approved telematic cash registers for the transmission of payments and complete with accessories for simplifying business practices. 

Our products comply with currently applicable legislation, permitting companies to gain the maximum benefit from State initiatives, while our payment systems allow end customers to take advantage of Cashback. Olivetti, as always, accompanies the retailer, offering support during the startup. 


Cash Registers

From the Olivetti Store today you can purchase Olivetti cash registers installed with the new Olivetti Tutto Incluso! service. Add to your products a universe of services specially tailored to your activity.

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POS Touchscreen

Olivetti touch-screen systems are ideal for heavy-duty use in retail, hospitality, industrial control and many other environments. Characterised by a distinctive elegant design, excellent performance and low energy consumption, these systems suit any requirement and environment: from elite boutiques to hotels and restaurants.

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Retail printers

Practical and fast, the result of dedicated hardware, they are to all extents computers designed to increase the efficiency of sales points. Customisable and connectable with the cash register, they vehicle the optimisation of sales point work. 

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Accessories for cash registers making operations faster and easier, optimising the emission of invoices or assisting your business through practical apps or handy digital payment services, all compliant with recent government regulations.

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