Within the context of the SPC agreement, Olivetti offers perimeter security management services for protecting sensitive data handled by Public Administration authorities. In addition to the solutions listed in the catalogue, Olivetti also offers specialised consultancy services to guide PA authorities along the path for adopting security standards and drawing up recovery plans.

SPC listing principal services

  • Firewall Management: firewall module, interposed between two networks, offering protection by logging and analysing all traffic transiting between them and, when necessary, blocking traffic considered to be potentially damaging
  • Antivirus & Content Filtering Management: IP traffic filter system. Protection from spamming and attacks arising from net surfing, emails, File Transfers and executable software code (Virus, Worms, Trojans, etc.), considered to be potentially damaging
  • Intrusion Detection System Management: implementation and management of intrusion detection systems allowing you to identify exactly the entire sequence of events executed by one or more unauthorised entities aimed at exploiting the weaknesses of a system, device or network
  • VPN Management: implementation and management of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) based on the IPSec standard which verify the identity of a traffic source as well as validating data integrity and confidentiality
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) Management: design, implementation and management of rules for converting a pool of IP addresses used by the Public Administration Intranet into a pool of public IP addresses used for accessing SPC.
  • Event & Log Monitoring Management: collection, verification, correlation, analysis and recording of alarms activated and information archived in log files by security system platforms of PA authorities.

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