Hosting & Housing

Hosting & Housing

Two types of SPC Data Centre services are provided: Hosting services and Housing services.

Both are provided by means of servers located in Telecom Italia Data Centres connected to SPC. In the case of the housing services, the servers are owned by the PA authority, while in the case of the hosting service, Olivetti provides the hardware and software necessary for managing the PA authority’s web server.



  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Savings: a top operator, specialised in developing and managing IT systems and services (outsourcer), benefiting from economies of scale, range and technological integration which permit them to implement efficiency and savings plans, and consequently offer highly competitive prices and very economic pricing formulas (e.g.  Pay-Per-Use)
  • Precise definition of the contract between the Buyer and the service/activity Provider:  contractual agreement between the PA authority and the specific external supplier, much better than that between internal functions and with activities, objectives and responsibilities included in work plans
  • Operational flexibility: outsourcing of IT services allows new developments to be planned in a modular way and new solutions experimented with very low operational risks
  • Virtualisation of IT resource locations: locating applications and data remotely with the outsourcer presents no problems, on the contrary, it follows the current aesthetically attractive trend towards modern cloud computing architectures.

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