Transportation services allow PA authorities to exploit all the classic functionalities of IP networks that is, related to data transmission, including images and telephony.

Transportation of all IP-transmittable protocols and applications is provided according to the different Service Classes. These Services allow each PA authority to access and exploit IP  communications using the three types of environment supported by the System of Public Connectivity:

  • Intranet, environment comprising of the internal domain of each single PA authority with interconnection of all internal departments located over a given geographical area
  • Infranet, environment for interconnecting the single PA authorities, whether assigned to the same supplier or to different suppliers by means of QXN (SPC interconnection network)
  • Internet, environment supporting interactions between the single PA authorities and their external users permitting them to use the PA services provided.

Transportation services are available in three different modes, each having distinct performance and functional parameters:

  • always-on: technologies providing continuous access (for example, xDSL, SDH etc.)
  • dial-up: technologies providing PSTN and ISDN circuit-switched access
  • wireless: technologies providing access based on radio frequency transmission.

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