Remote Digital Assistance

Remote Digital Assistance

Olivetti’s Remote Digital Assistance solution exploits the technology of Augmented Reality to offer field service workers a tool for obtaining “live” support remotely and in real-time. With all technical procedural information available, operators can work hands-free, fully concentrated on the job at hand.

This is all made possible through Remote Digital Assistance on a cloud platform that enables field workers equipped with a Smart Glass to establish audio-visual connections with a service centre. At this point the remote operator contributes actively in the field activities through the common view of the area for intervention. Via simple web access, remote support staff are able to guide field workers to carry out tasks efficiently and safely.

The platform manages tracking and recording of operations carried out by technicians allowing jobs executed at customer sites to be documented, job assessments carried out according to the company’s Quality System, and any customer disputes handled. Lastly the platform supports onthe-job training sessions, taking advantage of live field interventions, where the view of the operations field can be shared from a remote location without interaction.



  • Streaming audio/video - Optimised management and control of audio-video calls in streaming with sharing of documents, such as check lists, and sending of content in real time to the Smart Glass.
  •  Geolocalisation - Real time verification of geographic location of field workers provided with Smart Glass.
  •  Connectivity  - Smart Glasses come integrated with connectivity for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Tethering with mobile hotspots (smartphone and/or router).
  •  Hands free - Smart Glasses are ready integrated with voice recognition technology for all functionalities provided by the application.
  •  High audio-video resolution - Smart Glasses come with a high resolution 16 Megapixel camera with image stabiliser, advanced digital microphone with noise exclusion and integrated 91 dB speaker. The Display of 854 x 480 pixels provides the same level of visual experience as provided by a 7” tablet.
  •  Compatibility with personal protective equipment (PPE) - Smart Glasses can be integrated with company-provided PPEs, such as helmets. They are Rugged IP66-certified devices (Dustproof and Waterproof) and equipped with long-life rechargeable batteries (tested for 9-hour continuous use).





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