Oliboard SW

Oliboard SW

Oliboard SW allows you to work fast and naturally with a digital whiteboard during work meetings or when designing and running educational courses.

  • Images from external devices instantly imported (visualizers, webcams, scanners)
  • Video and video-clip recording of operating sequences (including audio)
  • Object management of whiteboard elements with rotation, mirroring, resizing, audio-video playback functions, etc.
  • Mathematical function development and formula entry
  • Geometric drawing tools with automatic recognition of outlined forms
  • Handwriting recognition



  • Digital notes and drawings annotated to other platform and applications screens
  • Unlimited virtual whiteboard space with meetings and lessons developed at many levels and over unlimited pages
  • Virtual writing and drawing tools
  • Special display and highlighting tools (pull-downs, spotlights, etc.)



  • Graphics interface customisation; menus can be configured and positioned freely with all functions displayed or only the most essential.
  • Multi-user management (with user name and password entry) allowing computers to be shared by different users conserving each user’s personal preferences and libraries



  • Libraries of digital components on different topics can be created and managed (a standard general-use library is included in the software)
  • Any object on the whiteboard can be linked to external resources, also video and audio, by hyperlinks for further detail



  • Whiteboard contents saved in the most widely used digital formats
  • Reference material documents, in original formats, can be attached to saved files
  • Digital contents imported and exported
  • Whiteboard remotely shared over most widely used collaboration and video-conferencing platforms


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