Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards

Oliboard puts the most advanced technologies at the service of businesses, institutions and organisations aimed at stimulating active participation, sharing and motivation during teamwork and training activities.



In a world where remote communications and the platforms for content and information sharing over networks are rapidly evolving, the adoption of interactive tools integrable with the latest digital platforms has become an indispensable necessity in order to promote more dynamic, productive and efficient teamwork.
The wide interactive surface of the Oliboard digital whiteboards amplifies group creativity, encouraging discussion, increasing motivation and allowing more precise clarification of strategies, with the active involvement of participants in shared objectives. The whiteboard itself can be remotely shared with the most popular collaboration and remote control platforms.
External digital resources can be instantly shared on the Oliboard, and any PC application becomes a tool that can be shared by all participants, used on the whiteboard together with the Oliboard-supplied tools.



  • Increases productivity of meetings
  • Heightens creativity
  • Allows digital annotations to be added to screen pages of any application
  • Allows a digital copy of discussion material to be supplied on-the-spot to meeting participants
  • Supports all videoconferencing and collaboration platforms



To respond to the training needs of companies, whether for their own internal staff or partners and customers, eLearning platforms require to be used also in training room for customizing courses to the particular characteristics of each environment.
Oliboard interactive whiteboards represent the ideal solution for today's training courses. Their large, interactive surfaces allow digital mode writing, while the software provided enables lesson structuring, object management of written and displayed elements, and annotations to be made to any application screen running on the computer so permitting greater levels of detail.
With Oliboard the educator can instantly switch from an overall to a detailed view, maintaining a high degree of student concentration on both general context and specific details. The Oliboard solution is intuitive and immediately operative, providing different working modes that can be chosen on the basis of individual preferences or conveniences.



  • Encourages active participation
  • Facilitates collaboration and sharing
  • Allows lessons to be developed around digital resources
  • Allows digital annotations to be added to any application screen
  • Offers a vast range of intuitive immediately-usable tools for writing on the whiteboard


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Oliboard ePen show details

Oliboard ePen is the ideal interactive whiteboard for use during business meetings and learning activities due to its practical design and accuracy which allow a natural writing style. The electronic pens can be used for writing also with hands resting on the whiteboard, or touching it with your fingers, without any functions being activated unintentionally.


Oliboard SW show details

Oliboard SW allows you to work fast and naturally with a digital whiteboard during work meetings or when designing and running educational courses.