Handwritten biometric signature solutions

Handwritten biometric signature solutions


Olivetti is market leader in digitizing documents that require a signature. Thanks to the Handwritten Biometric Signature solution, everyone is able to sign an electronic document, because everyone is able to give his authentic handwritten signature on an electronic device in the same way he would give a normal signature.

Olivetti Biometric Signature Solution has a wide customer base in industries such as Banking, Insurance Companies, Service Providers and Public Sector.
Olivetti offers a specific solution for SOHO and a more customizable, performing and scalable one for Corporates and larger organizations.

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The best option for corporates and public sector: 


Trusted Signature Pad: Olivetti TSP 100/TSP 70 show details

Olivetti launched a new family of signature pads (TRUSTED SIGNATURE PAD) with enhanced technical characteristics and improved features. TSP was born thanks to the relevant experience of Olivetti in projects where Handwritten Biometric Signature is required.