Enterprise Networking For Digital Transformation

Enterprise Networking For Digital Transformation

10 September 2018 marked the official start of the project Enterprise Networking for Digital Transformation. The great challenge is to sustain Italian businesses and public administration bodies in this digital era.

In fact we aim to assume a role as leader across Italy, providing Italian companies and public bodies with the support they need, supplying skills and  instruments to enable the digital  transformation of business processes.

The Network is 100% Italian, built on the initiative of Olivetti, and comprises of 23, mostly SME, companies: AizoOn, Beta 80, BV TECH, Customer Management IT, Dedalus, Delisa, Engineering, fabbricadigitale, Idea IT, Integris, Maticmind, N & C, Noovle, Netgroup, Olivetti, Regola, Rekeep Digital, SA Documents, S.A. Lombardia, Servizi Avanzati Toscana, Servizi Speciali, Sistemia, Webgenesys.

The network encompasses the whole of Italy thanks to companies distributed in a capillary fashion, each strongly rooted in its geographic area, and with the heterogeneous skills necessary to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Digitised Business is now widely accepted as a Must. An indispensable dimension for companies to be competitive on the market and, even more so, for citizen-facing bodies that not only need to be totally renewed, but also adapted to facilitate dialogue and provide public services with new simple digital methods.

Key features and potentialities the Network offers through best of breed technologies: cloud services transfer with virtualisation of company solutions and/or revisitation in a new, fully digital, dimension; use of BI on company data; collection and handling of big data for insights allowing competitive advantages in specific market areas; creation of Industry 4.0 environment with dual benefits of improved efficiency coupled with tax incentives, conversion from routine/emergency maintenance to predictive maintenance with significant reductions in costs and production interruptions.