Business Process Automation to support Companies and Cloud Service Providers accelerate the adoption and Go to Market of Cloud Services through innovative Business models and tools.


E-commerce solutions

Online sales solution comprising of a single catalogue of Cloud and own Core Business products and services:

  • Effective sales 
    • «1-click» Buying
    • Proactive offers and promotions linked to customer experience
    • User behaviour predictive analytics
    • «Next Best Action» Tips for cross/up-selling
    • Simple management of integrated catalogues
  • Multi device
  • Built around the user (adaptive multi profile)
    • Simplified content access
    • Integrated identity management (social authentication)
    • New ISV management and certification procedure
  • Easily expandable
    • Widget/dashboard management
    • Visual content editor
    • Catalogue configuration
    • Marketplace customisation (look&feel, language, contents)
    • API-ready


Sales Automation tools

Web-based solution for reinforcing and improving efficiency of own sales force, allowing entire sales life cycle to be managed through to service activation, by supporting and automating processes for:

  • Configuring economic proposals for End Customers created by means of Purchase Proposals
  • Acceptance of Purchase Proposals and Delivery of Services
  • Service activation
  • Attracting new customers (Free Hunting)
  • Management of Invoicing cycle for services purchased
  • Sales incentive programmes for attributing earnings’ recognition on a monthly basis
Ready-to-use solution for supporting your sales force comprising:
  • Sales console: A single dashboard for managing deals and orders, customisable according to workflow demands.
  • Contact management: Centralised customer data integrated with social networks and with company CRM tools and Incentives
  • Analytical data: Integrated in-depth reporting for facilitating sales and proposals activities
  • Opportunity handling: Detailed deal analysis
  • Workflow approval: Real-time approval system based on own company processes for reducing configuration and acceptance times for economic proposals 


Specialist advice

In addition to the platforms and solutions offered, Olivetti also provides specialist advice to accompany the whole life cycle for adopting and delivering its solutions, including:

  • Reseller support helping them construct the best business solution for reselling products and services developed for their own customers.
  • Provision of specialised training sessions on Cloud themes to improve and strengthen reseller activities.

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