WeXplore City

WeXplore City

WeXplore City Solution

The WeXplore City Solution transforms data obtained from differing types of sensor which, when combined with crowd behaviour information, enables civil authorities a more intelligent management of green space, public services, traffic, buildings, urban lighting, tourist flows and cultural assets. 

Thanks to this solution cities can become intelligent, administered by civil authorities having the elements necessary for making informed decisions on how to transform a city to satisfy its citizens’ behavioural needs.

The key strength of the platform is its 360° city analytics: correlating data obtained from things (IOT) with crowd behavioural data (both physical and virtual) to produce a single Big Data environment, ready to receive and integrate any type of data item, converting it into information useful for the progressive advancement of the city.


Olivetti offers, in particular, a number of vertical services:

  • Smart City Governance
  • Planning & Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Process Analysis & Improvement

Administration authorities are able to acquire and integrate the various services gradually, over time. Through its specialised resource unit (Data Angel) Olivetti is also able to provide customers with help and assistance in analysing, reading and interpreting the data obtained.


Smart City Governance Solution

The Smart City Governance Solution offers City Managers with a management and control dashboard for monitoring and directing tourists, citizens and cultural assets, with appropriate safety measures, providing an innovative, integrated approach to city governance. The proposed solution involves the integration of diverse hardware, software and infrastructural components present in the area.

The service comprises:

Information collection

Acquisition of data from sources in different contexts:

  • physical world, simple and sophisticated sensors and actuators, such as those installed in transportation vehicles;
  • social world (twitter, facebook, instagram, google +, etc.);
  • access control and security systems (CCTV, presence detection sensors, entrance points, remote surveillance in unmanned areas);
  • metering for identifying consumption (energy, water) and quality levels (air and water).


Processing and application services

  • Management of primary data and metadata collected
  • Application of statistical algorithms, also predictive
  • Data analytics
  • Decision support provided by integrated control room


Integrated citizen services for tourists and residents

  • Third-party software and services providing specific functionality required for city governance and/or citizen assistance, or used by  companies operating in the area (e.g. car and bike sharing, car park occupancy);
  • instant messaging systems used by citizen allowing a complete knowledge of the area and of citizen/visitor behaviour patterns.