TIM Big Data

TIM Big Data

TIM Big Data is a solution suite that, exploiting TIM Datasets, offers advanced cloud tools for quality and quantity analyses, physical presence, mobility, nationality and national socio-demographic statistics.

The offer provides dedicated profiles for the Public Administration (City Forecast) and Business world (Tim Big Data).

With TIM Big Data you can:

  • Analyse physical presences on a day-time basis in a specific area of interest – Who’s there ?
  • Know the socio-demographic characteristics of persons present in the area of analysis (gender, age, user type - Consumer or Business) – Who’s there  ?
  • Monitor movements from one specific area to another - From where are they arriving ? Where are they going ?
  • Explore areas of interest to obtain information useful for your Business purposes -
  • Compare and contrast the data pertaining to the areas of interest identifying similarities and differences
  • Insert your own data flows or Open data to execute performance analyses comparing different areas of interest – e.g. cash flows of two commercial activities; Weather forecast,  flow of persons and their types by area of interest; Social forum trend monitoring by Area of Interest
  • Adapt your commercial, communications and intervention strategies according to the type of persons present or expected to be present, on average, in a given area

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