Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions

TIM Big Data show details

TIM Big Data is a solution suite that, exploiting TIM Datasets, offers advanced cloud tools for quality and quantity analyses, physical presence, mobility, nationality and national socio-demographic statistics.
The offer provides dedicated profiles for the Public Administration (City Forecast) and Business world (Tim Big Data).


WeXplore Things show details

For firms intending to launch a bona fide process of digital innovation, the Olivetti WeXplore Things framework offers a choice of tailored solutions. The objective of the framework is to render customers autonomous in interpreting their own data, enabling them therefore to fine-tune strategies for implementation. Within the context of Industry 4.0 Olivetti services aim to guide customers (via Data Angels) down the digital evolution path, assisting and supporting them in the collection, reading and interpretation of data and information coming from sensors.


WeXplore City show details

The WeXplore City Solution transforms data obtained from differing types of sensor which, when combined with crowd behaviour information, enables civil authorities a more intelligent management of green space, public services, traffic, buildings, urban lighting, tourist flows and cultural assets. 


Social Discovery show details

This type of service allows the good or bad reputation of a brand to be assessed with planning of corrective actions and promotional/communications activities.