Olivetti offers experience and
    know-how for vertical sectors

Identity Management

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The Identity Management solutions of TI Trust Technologies allow private citizens, PA and Businesses to reduce transfers to a minimum by supporting fast interactions also when mobile.

For more info: www.trusttechnologies.it

ICT Security System

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Olivetti responds to demands for high level security protection. Not only. levering on the strong technical know-how gained in the field, it provides consultancy services defining technical requirements for ad-hoc solutions.

For more info: www.telsy.com

Smart School

Smart School

With Alfabook, Olivetti continues with the process of renewing solutions dedicated to the world of Education  The availability of easily accessible tools for schools, teachers, students and their families constitutes an important element in accelerating the digitalisation process.


W.A.Y. read more

Since 1996 W.A.Y. is the outstanding technological partner for companies looking for advanced satellite tracking solutions. A factor leader in the sector due to its extensive experience, high technological content products and top quality support and assistance services, the company is a successful provider of products and systems for the logistics and security of vehicles and people in movement, producing surveillance and tracking projects through close partnerships with customers.

System of Public Connectivity (SPC)

System of Public Connectivity (SPC)

The System of Public Connectivity (SPC) is the infrastructure used by Italian PA authorities for developing and delivering all its IT and telecommunications services. This infrastructure adopts a single communications protocol and delivers a service quality with guaranteed performance levels for communications of all types, within a totally secure system. Under the SPC umbrella, Olivetti offers Connectivity and Security solutions, VoIP and Data Centre services.

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