d-color MF2554 - MF3254

d-color MF2554 - MF3254

Committed to the Environment and Data Security

The d-Color MF2554 and d-Color MF3254 A3 colour multifunctional systems are the result a technological evolution, over the last decade, to become one two of the most reliable and competitive mid-volume printer-copierscanners available on the market today.

The d-Color MF2554 and d-Color MF3254 are characterised by a combination of exceptional print quality and reduced energy consumption, with the use of toners with low melting temperature, as well as outstanding data management security and configuration modularity resulting from the availability of the “Common criteria”, according to ISO/IEC 15408, as standard on these models.

A wide range of options allows for improved configuration modularity, to achieve the high levels of productivity demanded now by modern offices and workgroups.

One of the ways in which productivity has been improved is with the help of a special movement sensor which detects the approach of the user and it automatically activates the machine allowing to operate its instant without loss of time.

The newly designed 10.1 inch multi-touch operator provides an intuitive user operational interface. for all users, including those who have little or no experience of the machine, which greatly reduces the amount of time people need to spend standing by it.


  • Improved productivity and time savings thanks to through the presence of a detection sensor that automatically activates the ready status as the user approaches

  • Maximum flexibility of paper management, from a6 up to sra3, with a choice of trays configurations and a total capacity reaching 7,150 sheets (with optional trays)

  • Extensive range of finishing options, including an internal 500-page space-saving finisher and stapling up to 50 sheets

  • High levels of security as a result of the “iso/iec 15408 standard”, for serial data encryption, and of the run time and secure boot integrity checks

  • Support of the most common mobile devices optional fiery controller to increase productivity and maximise the yield of colour printing



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